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Ashiqa Thakor 

Life of children with disabilities are changing at Blind welfare council Dahod, Gujarat, India

The success story of a child with severe intellectual disability: the Year 2016-17

Name: Ashiqa Thakor   

Father’s name: Devendrasinh Thakor

Mother’s name: Sheetalben Thakor

Address: Prasaran nagar, Indore highway road Soniwaad Dahod 389151

Date of Birth: 20/03/2010

Ashiqa is a child with severe intellectual disability She was admitted to our special school in July 2017.

When she came here she had a very limited attention span of about maximum 20 – 30 seconds at one place. She was very hyperactive. She used to shout a lot, throw things on others, bite others, pushed others and had many such behavioral problems. She used to do urinal and toileting in her cloths only. She was helped in wearing her clothes. She could not sit in the class for even a minute. In academics, she could not do anything and could not even speak two to three words.

She was able to speak single and simple words like ba ba , ma ma, ka ka !

Our special teachers who are trained for special education and training for such children trained and educated her in the group as well as in individual education and training programme.

She was trained for activities of daily living mainly for urinal and toilet, buttoning and unbuttoning of clothes, speech, socially accepted behavior, reading as well.

In academics, she was trained to identify and speak simple words, identify objects of daily use, putting beads in a thread, sing poems, etc.

In Jan 2018 she is now able to sit at one place attentively for about 7 -10 minutes. She is able to speak simple three to four words sentences like “I am Ashiqa”,  “I want water” etc.

She is able to speak numbers from one to ten.

In the group, she is trying to do activities with other students. She is able to identify objects from the alphabet said to her like” k for Kamal “ in Gujarati.

Her behavior problems have reduced to a great extent. She has totally stopped biting, pushing others. 

The parents are happy saying that “You have taught our child to sign and speak when she is feeling to go for urinal or toilet. This is the most important thing for us.”