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IEDSS- Inclusive education for the disabled

IEDSS (Inclusive Education for Disabled Children at Secondary Stage)

 We are running this program with the help of the government of India and the IEDSS cell based at GCERT Gandhinagar. Here we cover disabled children with different categories from Std 9th - 12th. These children study in the normal schools of their own villages. Our special teachers who are trained in that particular category teach these children and provide all the special training needed as per the disability of the student. They also help them to get all kinds of Government and Non-Government benefits. In this program, our special teachers cover the following children with disabilities.

Category Number of Children

Number of Specialized

Teachers (Permanent)

Visually impaired 183 15
Hearing impaired 160 20
Intellectual disabled 578 65
Locomotor disabled 173 --
Total 1094 100

The above numbers of students are registered with us and we provide all government benefits to them. Under this program these students are being provided educational kits and one pair of school uniform Additional tools is also provided depending on the needs of the children like: Tricycle, Crutches, Hearing aid, Tape Recorders, Wheel chair.


Human Resource Development
The Institute has always tried to give teaching and training to persons who can train the disabled ones. Under such plans the Institute has Human Power Development Programme


                                                                    Name of Training Course No. Of Trainees No of persons trained till date Course Duration
Diploma in Education Special Education-Mental Retardation (D.Ed.S.E –M.R.)           0


      2 years

B.Ed Special education Mental Retardation and Visual Impairment through distance mode

          8                     291       2 years

Industrial training center (computer operator course for the disabled)

          8                     144        1 year
Foundation course in Care Giving           0


     6 months
CCC and CCC+ training and exams for the disabled.           0


      13 days


The Trust also organizes Refresher Courses - C.R.E ( Continuing Rehabilitation education program) for the special teachers who have been registered in the special education areas conducted by the Rehabilitation Council of  India. New Delhi.