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The words of Monaben Jaiminbhai Maniar

My daughter, Mahek was born as a premature child in the seventh month. Due to oxygen toxicity (excessive supply of oxygen given by the doctor),

she suffered from R.O.P. ( Retinopathy of Prematurity). She lost her vision, speech and many other problems happened to her.

Till the age of 15, she slept in a cradle only;  She used to drink water or milk through a bottle only; She used to take food in liquid form only. She slept for 3-4 hours during the night that too with medications. She never held anything by her own hand, she walked very little in the house, and could only walk a few 

steps with someone's help outside the house.

I, her mother ( Mona), her father ( Jaimin) and two and a half years elder sister Foram used to remain awake turn by turn at night to take care of Mahek. 

We visited several institutes for her training and development but could not get many benefits.

Since last one year we enrolled Mahek to Blind welfare council, Dahod managed “Lalit Bahuviklang nivashi shala”. In just one year, due to the dedicated special teachers and all staff members, their support,

care and up to date training has given great results. It is just like a miracle in our life.

In just one year she has started to hold a glass and cup by her own and tries to drink water and tea by herself. She tries to walk independently. She sleeps on her own bed, she has forgotten the cradle totally. In the school, she does all her activities of the class very happily from morning 11 to evening 4'O clock.

With the help of the hostel staff members, she is wonderfully doing all her daily activities in the hostel as well as the use of bathroom, toilet, taking bath, 

dressing up, getting ready, going for breakfast, timely lunch and dinner, etc.

She takes part in all activities in the school.

When she comes home during vacation, she remains very happy, she plays and enjoys a lot with her elder sister. After the vacation ends, she goes back to school without crying.

After 16 years of a very hard life with Mahek, we felt that God has sent this angel Mr. Yusufi Kapadiya at our house. He has helped us by all means for the training and development of our daughter Mahek, We are very thankful to him and all team members of Blind welfare council Dahod.

M. 9377525313, email

The dedication, the time, the faith and the belief of BWC Dahod has helped my sister Mahek to progress to what she is today. Thanks by heart to all the team members of BWC.

Foram Maniar

Elder sister of Mahek Maniar